Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seeing Christ in the Hard Stuff

Just when we think we have made it through the worst of this cancer thing, something new comes along. Yesterday, Joshua lost the bulk of his hair. At first, it was just a few irritating strands. They bugged him when they fell in his face. Then it began to come out in clumps when he ran his fingers through his hair.

Hair, in the scheme of things, might seem insignificant. But yesterday, his hair loss, seemed like another crushing blow. As parents, it was devastating to see. We felt helpless as a part of him slipped away. Again, the feelings of overwhelming grief and anger swept over us all. Another loss.

The only thing we could cling to was that our Lord knows the number of hairs on our head, and they could not fall with out His permission. Josh got to keep his hair a week longer than he should have. The doctors and nurses expected it to fall out much sooner than it did. As hard as it was to watch it fall out yesterday, it would have been much, much harder the week before.

We have heard that his hair will probably come back looking different than before he lost it. Oddly enough, last night as I was sitting on his bed, grieving the loss of his hair with him, the Lord reminded me of the Israelites. (I know weird right) As they were headed to the promise land, and they safely crossed a river or some other obstacle, they would build a pile of rocks. The rocks would be a reminder of what the Lord helped them overcome.

Lord, as Josh's hair grows back, please let it be a reminder of what You allowed him to overcome.


Millie said...

Ilene, I am so sorry, and I am crying with you. The hair loss, I think, is the ultimate proof that there is a fight going on for Josh's life. And yet God is in this as well. I loved your statement that God knows the number of hairs on our head. It is so hard, but God is so good. Keep your chin up, there is light at this end of this tunnel. Love ya, Millie

Shirley; Dana Cameron said...

I am so sorry for this new development


by Persis said...

What a beautiful thought in a difficult moment.

Mary Grace said...

Love you Ilene.