Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Six Month Mark

One of Josh's fun nurses came by for a visit

Today marks six months since we received Josh’s preliminary cancer diagnoses.
-Six months since we sat in Dr. Matt Turner’s office as he expressed concern over Josh’s extremely low blood counts.
-Six months since we raced to the emergency room in BSA.
- Six months since the words, “possible cancer and Josh", were uttered together in the same sentence.
-Six months since our lives were completely turned upside down and inside out.
On the other hand;
-Six moths of seeing life through different eyes
-Six months of seeing our Lord much more clearly
-Six months of being far more thankful and grateful for each day we are given.

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C said...

We love you Ilene, Brian, Sarah and Josh. We continue to hold you close in our hearts and will never cease praying for you. Tiff, Cody, Tammi, our kiddos and the Gwaltneys