Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Also Tagged

Alrighty, lets see it I can do this "tagged" thing right.


1. Post rules on your blog.- Check

2. Answer the six four items.-Check

3. 4 Things I did yesterday-Check

a. Went and prayed and put together cookie bags with some awesome gals of FBC

b. Delivered some of the cookie bags to some very dear people-love it!

c. Gave Sarah her final final. She passed with flying colors- Yay Sarah!

d. Got a call from a very fun friend from Arizona. We have been friends for 23 years. Had not talked with her for a while. We had a lot to catch up on.

Wow, it was a great day yesterday!! (Just don't ask me what I DID NOT get done:)

4. 4 Things on my wish list.-Check

a. That my children will always continue to seek after our Lord and Savior.
b. That our two sons will return safely from the war.
c. That a miracle would happen and someone different would get into office than who was voted in.
d. That I could build a totally energy efficient home that would not cost a fortune.

5. 4 Things I look forward to.-Check

a. Time with our Lord
b. Morning walks with my Handsome Husband
c. Goofing off with my kids
d. Visiting with dear friends

6. 4 restaurants I like- Check
a. In-n-Out
b. Del Taco
c. Mimi's
d. Gus Jr.s

7. 4 Favorite TV shows- Check

a. The "old" Cosby Shows
b. The Dog Whisperer
c. Bonanza
d. The Andy Griffith Show

8. 4 People I tag (Your it). Kelley Simpson, Katy Nelson, Mindy Holloway, Dana Abla

Hey look I did it. That was not so bad:) Have a great day!


Sewn Together said...

Oh no - you were ahead of the game - I saw your tag...I'm having a hard time keeping up with my comments - I should figure out to have them emailed to me too...this learning curve keeps changing directions on me about the time I think I have it figured out. Same for some of my design work - I thought I had something down and today a proof came back looking totally different. oh Lord - Help me! Working at the computer on a cardtable is more difficult!

amy wright said...

Very good job! Are you really trying to make an energy efficient home...and how do you go about doing that?
What is In-n-Out? It must be a California thing since Rachel likes it, too.
And...you like a lot of great tv shows. My boys love the Dick Van Dyke Show and The Andy Griffith show. They like "Rob" and "Barney"...you know, the goofball characters. :)