Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Please Pray

I just got a phone call from our son Peter. His precious girl friend Rebecca, is very, very sick. As most of you know, Rebecca has been serving in Iraq with Peter. Last month, she got her hand crushed while loading equipment. She was preparing to be sent back to the states when she got very sick. She has made it as far as Kuwait and is waiting for an available seat on a civilian plane. Please pray that she can return to the states very soon. She needs to be cared for in an American hospital.

Peter is very concerned and has asked me to ask everyone I know to pray for her. She is an amazing gal who we have all fallen in love with. Please pray for her quick return and recovery.


Becky Dietz said...

Please bring Rebecca home quickly! Open doors for her that no man can close. Protect her hand and her health, please. Send her home on angel's wings!

Lindsey said...

Please open a seat on a plane soon! As Rebecca travels, please give her strength, and begin to heal her body. In Jesus' name, I believe she will be healed before she lands in the U.S.! Put your loving hands of mercy around her and protect her. Amen.