Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BLXLLNR, Dyslexia at its best

Alrighty!! I must confess that, when leaving a comment on many of your posts, I have to put the code in more than one time. Am I alone in this or are the fellow dyslexics that struggle with the same issues? I know, I know, it might just be me:)
P.S. I have no idea why there is a line under my comment. Nor do I know how to get rid of it. Clearly, I have issues:)


amy wright said...

I have the same problem. In fact, I need to take that code thing off of my blog. I will figure out how to do that!


Ha ha! I got the code wrong!

Sewn Together said...

I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one!!! lol - Then I see Amy has done the same thing I was doing!
zjilaeb (I think it's an "i" - we'll see in a minute!) :)
I think I will take the code thing off mine too - I'm thinking I'm probably not going to get much junk if I keep my blog private.

Charlotte said...

Mine does the samething but, if I trie to delete the underlined words it deletes my whole post so, I gave up.

By the way Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I really did enjoy going hiking Saturday. The only thing that I did not enjoy was constantly having to move off the path for mountain bikers. Uggh, they would come up on us so fast and just yell LEFT. I do have to say I kind of enjoyed watching one bank her bike on a big rock. Shame on me, Right?

Becky Dietz said...

Which is the reason I removed the code from my posts. And I haven't gotten any random comments or junk.

Knock On Wood said...

The underline for your comment is just for you since you made fun of blogger! hahaha just kidding. I have no idea how some of the things on this happen. My kids often have to read the letters for me to put in! hxoqr

Dawn Lowe said...

V or W? I always have problems with those two when they are next to each other!