Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Friends

This morning I woke up the sound of the gentle rain. A wave of gratefulness engulfed me. I felt so aware of the bounty of God's goodness. 

Over the last few weeks and days, we have been surrounded by dear friends who have exemplified Christ through their love and acts of kindness towards our family. This love and kindness has come in many different forms. Some premeditated, some random and spontaneous. All greatly appreciated

So, to all of you, I hope you know who you are, I would like to offer my truest, most sincere, heart felt, thanks. The funny thing is, you might even think that your actions might have been, "just some small thing". To us, it was HUGE. 

As friends you have come along beside us and walked arm and arm beside us. You probably did not know it but without you, we probably could not have stood. You showed up at our front door on a very dark night just to pray with us and surround us with love. You pulled me to my knees to pray when I absolutely could no longer stand. Many of you have prayed scripture over us, you spoken to us out of the Spirit not out of your flesh. You have spoken the truth in love to us. You have allowed us to ask for prayer for us without requiring an explanation. You have been genuine. Thank you.

Thank you to the dear friends who dropped gifts off that we might find them on our front porch and in our mail box. Thank you for the kind notes, phone calls and emails of encouragement and support. Thank you for the sweet "vandalism" on the church windows that has brought many smiles and fun comments over the last few weeks or so. Thank you to the dear ones that prepared a meal for us that seemed to be prepared for royalty, yet it was just for us. It was a delicious meal served with such warmth. It filled our stomachs and our hearts.

Thank you to the gals who spent several hours on their knees with me, reading Scripture and claiming the Lord's promises, reminding me over and over of His faithfulness. One of those dear gals reminded me of the Biblical "sewing and reaping" principle. My prayer for all of you is that you will reap a bountiful harvest of blessing in return for the sweet seeds of kindness you have sewn into our lives. Through you we have been reminded, once again, of the magnitude of the love our Lord has for us. Thank you!

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