Sunday, October 5, 2008


I don't normally give movie reviews. I guess probably because there is not much out these days that is worth writing about. Fire Proof, is worth writing about. It is incredibly well done. The Kendrick brothers have outdone themselves this time. I am a huge fan of their first movies, Fly Wheel, and of course, Facing the Giants. As you might guess from these two, each new movie they make, gets better. I loved the story lines of the first two movies, but the acting left a little to be desired. This is NOT the case with Fire Proof.

I read a great review that summed things up pretty well. I posted it below.

Fireproof Movie Review: Kirk Cameron's Saving Marriage, Saving Lives
by miss poppy

Sherwood Baptist Church's media team, creators of Facing the Giants, has just released another film, Fireproof.

The film stars Kirk Cameron as firefighter Caleb Holt, who has an exemplary service record, but a terrible record as a husband. The main part of the film focuses on his efforts to save his marriage and what he learns through a book he follows called "The Love Dare." He attempts to re-win his wife's heart through things like cooking dinner for her and dealing with a personal addiction. It also features realistic fire rescue sequences.

I enjoyed Facing the Giants, but Fireproof clearly has higher production values and a better script, along with better performances. It is a highly enjoyable movie.

The film has a good deal of realism. The tone is heavy in some spots, as Caleb and his wife contemplate divorce and fight intensely with each other, but there is also a liberal amount of comic relief involving several side characters.

One thing I want to emphasize is that this film is not for children. There is nothing that would be offensive to an adult, but it features verbally escalated and physically intimidating arguments. Caleb takes out his anger violently on inanimate objects, and there are also scenes of intense fire emergencies and the aftermath of a serious car crash.

The heart of Fireproof is a mixture of love, respect, and faithfulness. The point it very poignantly reiterates is that marriage is about much more than going with the feelings of the moment. Instead, it is a lifelong commitment that is worth fighting for at great cost.

There is a point in the movie in which Kirk Cameron's character kisses his on-screen wife. However, Kirk won't kiss anyone except his real-life wife Chelsea Noble. So, the producers dressed her like the actress and shot the scene in silhouette. I just saw the movie, and I promise, you can't tell. It's a very sweet, tender scene, and I think that knowing this adds another dimension to the affirmation of marriage.

Fireproof is worth seeing, not only to support a Christ-centered ministry, but because it is a good story. The emotions displayed in the film are raw and moving; people around me in the theater were sniffling throughout many scenes. Kirk Cameron's performance is strong and believable, and he lifts the movie to a new level of reality.

I felt that the gospel message, in particular, is presented very skillfully in this film. It is laid out quite specifically, but in a way that is appropriate to the scene in which it occurs, rather than being wrenchingly tacked on in a place it doesn't belong.

I encourage you to see this movie. It affirms marriage and selfless love in a God-honoring, entertaining, and believable way, and besides, it's an exciting and fun story about likable people.

There are many reasons why I loved this movie. Aside from all of the obvious reasons, I loved that you can see some of the same cast members from the prior movies, cast throughout this movie. Also if you look closely, you will notice that Caleb Holt, (Kirk Cameron), drives the same truck that was given to the coach in Facing the Giants, with the same plates on it that say, "Jay Austin Motors," which is the car dealership from Fly Wheel. I know, I know, these are small details, but I love them.

I love that these movies started as a church backed project that was never intended for theaters. Three movies later, they are still at it. My entrepreneurial spirit cheers for them. They are facing the giants of Hollywood and standing their ground. My prayer is that Christians everywhere will cast their vote in favor of this movie by buying up tickets. If they have seen the movie already, I pray that they would buy more tickets and give them to their unsaved friends.


Rachel said...

Fantastic movie review. I look forward to seeing it!

Dawn Lowe said...

Can't wait to see it! I have heard it was good.

Sewn Together said...

We just saw it this weekend and I couldn't agree with you and the review more! Rave reviews from the Holloway's!!!

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amy wright said...

This is a great review and makes me want to see it!!! Way to go...your code verification is off. :)

Tom and Terry said...

We saw the movie in Ilinois with some friends, it was with their Wednesday night small group. Great idea! You can buy the book "Love Dare" that was in the movie. We bought one for all our kids!
Great movie, really makes you think about how you treat your spouse.

Patrick Roberts said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen