Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And My God Shall Supply All Our Needs according to His Riches and Glory

Josh and his Picc line

I am sitting downstairs of the RM House...waiting to drive Brian to the hospital. Today he will take a class to learn how to change the dressing on Josh's Picc line. We have to be cleared to do that in order to get Josh home.
Getting his Picc line dressing changed

I as I wait, I went through my new, usual routine, I make my vitamin juice (gross) and toast to help the juice go down. I am not in my own kitchen so I am now relying on the generosity of others, even as I a make something as simple as toast. As I go to butter my toast, and go looking for a knife.... I am pleased to find that someone.. the night before.. had replenished the empty knife drawer. Now, I am not sure who the knife fairy is..but I am grateful. This may seem like a small thing, but today, it is comforting to me.

I know there are many, much larger, more important challenges, ahead, like keeping Josh's Picc line incision clean, but for today.... I am grateful for a knife.

Dear Father, thank you for supplying our daily needs. Thank You for knowing what our future holds.

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Laurie Walton said...

Dear, dear, Ilene,
We just picked up your precious daughter here at the Phila. airport, and now we're all sitting together after dinner just being a family. I pray she'll feel a part of the bigger Walton family and enjoy a change in scenery even though her heart might still be back with you all in Houston.

I am SOOO praying for you. Thank you for writing your thoughts; that really helps me ... you've been on my heart through all this. Love you, Ilene! Lean into Jesus. Laurie