Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We know the Lord has perfect timing...and that He knows exactly when Josh's body is going to start producing the good cells they need to be producing...we know all of that. It is just that the waiting is a little frustrating.

Last night they needed to move Josh to a different room. He was on the pediatric floor and they needed his room for younger children coming in. We totally understood that, it was just hard to pack up his room and not be headed home.

His nurses, on the 10th floor, all loved him and he loved them. They showed him great kindness and compassion. Many of them spent much time in his room just joking and laughing with him.

One sweet nurse, who was from India, came in and shared with Josh that she knew God had a great plan for him. She told him that man's medicine was good but it would be Jesus Christ that healed him. She was not even supposed to be working on our side of the hospital that day but felt led to take time out of her day...away from her other patients, to tell him that.

Another sweet nurse came in to take a picture with Josh and tell him that he was her favorite patient. She kept hugging him and telling him that she was so happy to have him as a patient.

We are sad to move to a new floor and leave them behind. One thing we do know is that there is something about Josh that draws people to him. He will make new friends on the 12th floor as well.

Lord, we know You have us still here for a reason. Please help us to learn what You want us to learn and do what You want us to do. Thank You Dear Father for covering us. Thank you for the body of Christ that lifts us up daily. Thank You that You are in control of ALL things including the room Josh is in. Please help us to reflect You on the 12th floor of MD Anderson.

P.S. There is an upside to waiting..we did get the, "Get Well", banner, that our Pal Kristy started, done...finally.

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Shirley; Dana Cameron said...

I love all your posts. It's almost like a visit. You've all been very brave and trusting of God. Thank you for sharing and we continue to pray