Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Battle

We have had some very hard days. We had hoped to be home by now. Clearly the Lord has a reason for us to still be here. We are just unsure what that is. We are grateful that we were still here when Josh's fever spiked. It would have been scary to try and fight it while we were on the road.

We know the fever is actually not to be feared. It is the outward sign of an inward battle. It is his body's way of fighting something that should not be there. There is a struggle within his body between good and bad cells.

Pastor Rodney told a story one day about a boy talking with his grandfather. The boy talked about how hard it was to make good choices. The grandfather told the boy that it is as if there is a fight between two large dogs within each of us. A good dog and a bad dog. The little boy asked his grandfather which dog would win the fight. The grandfather said, "The one you feed the most".

Cancer has become a symbol of so many things to us. The Doctors used chemo to wipe out the bad cells, sadly they had to kill good cells as well. We must try and get enough nutrients in Josh to feed the good cells but the bad cells are aggressive.

Dear Lord, help us not to fear the fever but to pray for the battle that rages within Josh's body. Help us also to recognize outward signs of the battle that rages within us all. Please help us not fight the process, knowing that you are a loving Father and will allow what is necessary to eliminate any cancer that might lie within us, so that we might carry out your plan for us.


Jenny said...

Dear friend-I'm finally getting a connection with you! I have been so broken-hearted ever since I heard about josh. My own tears (mom tears) have mingled with yours as I have read your updates. Remember, God saves our tears in heaven, so none of them are wasted. I'm humbled by your raw dependence on Him. I'm praying for a miracle for josh. Don't ever think you are forgotten by your High Desert friends, especially me. You are on my heart every day. I physically ache to give you a loving embrace. May God do it for me. Love to all, Jenny

Becky Dietz said...

Please bless Josh's good cells with life and health! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Mrs. L. said...

Ilene, I keep thinking of you and family. I shall keep praying. Blessings dear friend.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I had a dream last night that I saw you in the hallway at church and you gave me one of those great big hugs that I love. I wish it had not been a dream. I love you and we continue to pray for Josh's victory and your return home. For now...know that I'm sending you a hug:)

Nickie said...

Missing you all. We just keep praying.